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Sheds for Him and Sheds for Her


Each and every one of our portable buildings, portable sheds, portable garages, and portable cabin structures are made from components of the best quality, along with our manufacturing team utilizing the best methods and tools when manufacturing your new building. We serve Newnan, Carrollton, Douglasville, Peachtree City, Cedartown, Bremen, Atlanta and Western Georgia. Our company can supply a portable shed, portable cabin or a portable garage-type building for various purposes at home or in your business. Our goal is to make certain that you are 100% delighted when you invest your money in an Action building, that we do our job to assist you in selecting the perfect building style for your needs. Our specialists know sheds, and each building is crafted for durability and service for many decades. For decades, experts at He & She Sheds have built and sold portable storage buildings, and no one knows quality better.

Portable Buildings Come In Many Varieties

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UTILITY SHED: The ideal solution when looking for simplicity, and dependability. The Utility Shed storage structure is a minimalist style, designed to easily incorporate into any location or architectural design.

portable cabin shell

PORTABLE CABINS: Well-known due to their versatility, portable cabins are fantastic for people needing additional living space, in-laws quarters, guest housing, He-Shed or She-Shed, or a weekend getaway at the lake! You can easily build the interiors out as a tiny home for full-time comfortable living!

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PORTABLE MINI GARAGES: These are ideal if you would like to steer a garden tractor, 4-wheeler, dirt bike or chopper or any other wheeled vehicle into your portable garage through a simple overhead rolling door. The building’s door is too narrow for a full-sized vehicle, yet it provides similar access points including windows and additional doors should you choose them.

Portable garage

PORTABLE GARAGES: A wider door is the difference in these standard-sized garages featuring wide 9′ roll-up doors which can accommodate a pick-up truck to pass through. People find that they can maintain lower insurance costs due to having the security of our portable garages. Our improved flooring is heavily reinforced for parking your vehicle inside and takes away any concerns that you might have.

dutch barn sheds

LOFTED BARN SHEDS: An added space is the main attraction to our lofted barn shed, which gives extra storage room using their built-in loft spaces and unique roofing systems. These loft spaces permit you an up and out of the way area to place a lot of items and are perfect for people wanting extra storage space with no impact on floor space.

STEEL GREENHOUSES: It does not matter if you are a professional horticulturist or a hobby grower, the Steel Greenhouse was designed and engineered with your growing needs in mind. We have the size and the options to meet all of your growing demands and requirements.

portable storage buildings newnan ga
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RTO Makes It Fast And Easy!

Want a prefabricated shed today and you’re either low on funds or maybe have a few dings in your credit score? Our portable storage building RTO program or “Rent-To-Own” can be an excellent fit. For a tiny initial payment of your first and final month, you can easily take delivery. Just complete the simple application for instant approval, then schedule delivery of your shed, garage, or portable cabin, which also includes delivery and set-up.

Quality Makes The Difference!

After nearly five decades of building and selling portable storage buildings, we’ve observed that some brands of portable cabins, structures, sheds, and garages start to wear away in a short period of years, not decades. When closely evaluated, you can easily see a variety of oversights in building manufacturing and some trimming of the corners that should not have been done. Our portable sheds are developed to stand up to the elements as well as the calendar, rest assured, not just now, but for decades to come.

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Portable garage

Why would you choose a portable shed structure over other types?

Simply put, our buildings are selected by people for more than one reason. Prefabricated storage buildings help to keep your property and your garage from ending up being very messy, and ensures that your things remain safe, secure and dry.

Portable sheds, portable garages, buildings or portable cabins have one more essential advantage. They can be relocated and moved easily. To make changes in the location of your building, place it on a different part of your property, change the direction or even move to a new home, it can easily be done. What about selling it? You can, and even upgrade to a bigger one, shed moving solutions are readily accessible to assist and you can contact us for a proper shed mover.

The Portable Shed is Extremely Versatile

Our products seem to be perfect for those looking for a custom-constructed shed. The speed of construction, due to being built in a highly controlled environment and short set-up time. In just a few hours your portable sheds are ready to use, which is why they are so popular with so many people.

It’s consistently more effective for our customers to consult with our experts when selecting portable cabins, portable sheds, portable garages or any of our portable buildings. We’ll save you time as we make certain that you get the perfect building for your needs, saving you from making any mistakes. You want your portable shed to look good on your property, so choosing the right siding and roofing is important, as well as the style of building.

PreBuilt, Portable, Ready to Park Your Car or Truck.

Do you want to save lost of time, fuss and money? Yes? Then the portable storage building is the only answer.  Having the confidence that our sheds are made in a factory crafted setting, assuring that everything is perfectly straight and plumb and that no mistakes are made.  We use high-quality materials, steel framing jigs, and an assembly line type process in construction to assure our customers that everything is done just right.  Our sheds look great and work perfectly! They blend in with anyone’s tastes or style and should meet all of your requirements for a smaller out-building.

No more arranging for contractors, no weather delays, just a hassle-free instant garage. Portable garages are all the rage in the last few years, with people understanding that they are built well, reliable and long-lasting, just like a traditional garage. The versatility allows them to store trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, tractors and more.

We have many years in serving all types of customers and we’ve helped them all. As even more technological innovations are created and introduced, our team may incorporate those into your storage shed, portable cabin or portable garage. If they give value to our customers and improve quality, we do our best to apply them.

Personalize Yours, Just The Way You Want It

What works for me may not work for you, so we offer a stable of choices so that you may come to the proper decision and find the perfect portable shed. Our company doesn’t simply craft your customized shed, our consultants make sure you have exactly what you need. Quality, color, materials, protection, and security are what you get with our portable sheds.

With so many people ditching those super-center mini garages and never-ending rent, we’ve made our portable garages, sheds and other buildings even easier to own! Our rent to own portable buildings program delivers your building to you with a small amount of cash upfront.  Instant approval and No-Credit-Check, ever!  You’ll make monthly payments over time and in the end, you own it!  We build them better than ever now, so expect them to last several lifetimes.  Save yourself some space as well as a whole lot of money by owning your very own portable shed, portable garage, or portable cabin. Consider this, by choosing our portable storage shed you’ll save money on contractors as well as permit fees and inspections.

Our rent-to-own sheds program is fantastic but we also take cash.  Either way, our experts can offer you the long-lasting construction that you’re looking for.

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Contact our company today for more information. You can’t go wrong with any of our lofted barn sheds, backyard sheds, prebuilt or prefab sheds, cabins, garages, utility sheds, and garden sheds.

portable storage buildings newnan ga


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  • We sell more portable storage sheds than anyone else in Georgia.
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  • We’ve sold thousands of portable storage sheds.
  • Our portable storage sheds can be found in over 20 counties in 2 states.
  • The price of your portable storage shed includes delivery and set-up.
  • Once you complete the purchase of your portable storage shed, delivery is typically completed within days.
  • Your portable storage shed is ready to use the day it’s delivered.
  • We specialize in portable storage buildings.
  • We’ve been the areas portable storage building leader for nearly 50 yrs.
  • We’re the oldest manufacturer of portable storage buildings in Georgia.
  • We are a top-rated portable storage building manufacturer.
  • We have many portable storage building customer reviews online.
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